VCT Appearance and Maintenance

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At Claria, we often encounter building owners and managers who are frustrated with their VCT flooring and either wish it looked better or believe that there is nothing they can do to improve its appearance.

The good news is that almost all VCT can be restored and then kept looking great with the right maintenance plan. In fact, in most settings, following the maintenance plan below can mean that a strip and refinish in only needed once to restore the floor and then Steps 2 and 3 are all that is required to keep the floors looking great.


  1. Strip and Refinish

A one-time restorative strip and refinish (with at least 4 coats of finish) to clean the floor and restore its shine. This is the most expensive and time consuming step.

2. Scrub and Burnish

A frequent machine scrub and “burnish,” which removes any stubborn dirt and grime that can’t be removed with a mop and then re-melts the finish to maintain shine.

3. Scrub and Refinish

A frequent machine scrub and refinish with 1 to 2 coats of finish, which again, removes any stubborn dirt and re-applies finish to maintain shine.

A machine scrub is the critical piece to any VCT maintenance plan. While it is important to mop, over time, mopping won’t be enough to deep clean your VCT floors.

If you are in need of assistance with your VCT, give Claria a call, and we can advise you on the best way to clean and maintain your floors.

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