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  • Tramine B.

    Your employees that came to both of our properties were awesome. They were very respectable, professional and did a very good job; especially on our lighter color carpets. we can really tell the difference.

  • Brenda W.

    Thanks to all for a job well done. So glad I was recommended to your company. "You all" set my mind at ease. Thanks again.

    Matthew M.

    I'm not sure if there would be any way to improve your company's services. Honestly the company has done nothing but exceed my expectations. Your staff is great. I admire how well you stay in touch with me and my customers by keeping all of us informed. Your team has extensive industry knowledge to prepare my customers with what to expect from the insurance company before our adjustor ever call. My customers have nothing but praise to offer.

  • Sandra Steward Rollins

    Operator of Medical Office Buildings

    I want to thank you for the many "emergencies" you have responded to within our Medical Office Buildings. The latest August 2015 incident occurred late at night yet you sent your team immediately. They efficiently removed the excess dirty water, cleaned & sanitized the area and we were back to normal operation within hours! Without your quick response and professional expertise, the entire building would have been closed the following day. Our entire staff is very appreciative of Claria. From frozen pipes to cars running into the building, we know Claria will handle the problem for us. Thank you!

  • Billie D.

    Claria's crew was fantastic. They were very good in explaining things and taking their time. I think they even went above and beyond and did things they didn't have to do. My husband and I talked about how they worked harder than anyone at any company we've ever seen.