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  • Gina

    I just wanted to personally write you a thank you note for all you did for us. I realize our house was not a big job; however, you took the time to come out after hours and sacrifice your evening for us. I know you are super swamped with the flooding down south, so the fact that you took the time to tend to us and our home shows a lot about you personally and your company. You took a stressful time for us and made the process seamless. You are personable and your work shows that you care about people and taking care of their homes. I can't say enough about your company and you personally. I would highly recommend you to anyone in need. Thank you again for all you did! We are truly grateful.

    George A.

    O'Fallon, MO

    We want to thank you for the marvelous service that you provided us when our sump pump failed in our basement. Everyone was so patient, kind, and uplifting. You were truly a God send to us and we cannot thank you enough.

    The Pastors

    Peine Ridge Church

    We wanted to send a quick note to thank you for your generosity in doing the water remediation work at our Credence Campus Building in Troy, MO. The resources that were saved will allow us to continue investing in church planting efforts both in Troy and around the region. Thanking God for your generosity.

  • Jim Hager

    Business Manager
    Assumption Church & School
    O'Fallon, MO

    I recently signed up with Claria Clean for their Priority Response Emergency Program, or "PREP". It is one of the few times in my long career that a firm has truly helped me prepare for something in a way that required very little of my time and was cost free. Their efforts have helped my business to organize some vital information and have provided two ways for it to be readily available (binder and online). What I have found most useful is the binder they provided. If someone contacts me at a time when I cannot physically show up at the office, it is easy to tell them quickly where most, if not all, the info they need can be found. Actually, I have informed our entire staff of the binder contents and its location. If I happen to be off premises, or even out of town during an emergency, there is now a good chance they won't even have to call me.

    Sandra Steward Rollins

    Operator of Medical Office Buildings

    I want to thank you for the many "emergencies" you have responded to within our Medical Office Buildings. The latest August 2015 incident occurred late at night yet you sent your team immediately. They efficiently removed the excess dirty water, cleaned & sanitized the area and we were back to normal operation within hours! Without your quick response and professional expertise, the entire building would have been closed the following day. Our entire staff is very appreciative of Claria. From frozen pipes to cars running into the building, we know Claria will handle the problem for us. Thank you!

    Beth H.


    I wanted to take the time to thank you for the services that Claria provided. Your employees were very respectful, efficient, courteous & most importantly to us with our little ones, quiet! We appreciate the services provided during our home loss due to the water pipe freezing & breaking. Joe made the process so easy for us & clearly stated everything that Claria was going to do. We will definitely be referring your business to others who are or may become in need of your services in the future.

  • Tramine B.

    Your employees that came to both of our properties were awesome. They were very respectable, professional and did a very good job; especially on our lighter color carpets. we can really tell the difference.

    Kim Y.

    Mosow Mills

    Claria handled our water loss in a timely manner and we were treated like the situation was a big deal even though it's something Claria handles every day. They were very empathetic. I wouldn't change a thing.

    Kevin K.


    I would like to thank the Claria team for exceptional service and professionalism during a recent incident that involved water damage in my home. The Claria team was very responsive and provided great customer service and attentiveness during the entire process. In the unfortunate event that I need this type of service again, Claria will be my first call. I would highly recommend them to my friends and family.

  • Peter Rook


    Claria's technician was very professional and did a great job on my carpets. Way to go, Kevin!

    Brenda W.

    Thanks to all for a job well done. So glad I was recommended to your company. "You all" set my mind at ease. Thanks again.

    Matthew M.

    I'm not sure if there would be any way to improve your company's services. Honestly the company has done nothing but exceed my expectations. Your staff is great. I admire how well you stay in touch with me and my customers by keeping all of us informed. Your team has extensive industry knowledge to prepare my customers with what to expect from the insurance company before our adjustor ever call. My customers have nothing but praise to offer.

  • Billie D.

    Claria's crew was fantastic. They were very good in explaining things and taking their time. I think they even went above and beyond and did things they didn't have to do. My husband and I talked about how they worked harder than anyone at any company we've ever seen.

    Ruth & Mike

    St. Charles

    Kudos to Adam Roberson (Water Restoration Technician) for coming out on Mother's Day to help with a leaky basement. We really appreciated it. We are very happy with the services at Claria and we will definitely refer to you!

    Dr. Barbara C.

    St. Louis

    Your technicians stayed late on Friday, even when I had to leave, in order to clean up the water damage to my office. They worked throughout the weekend so I could have clients on Monday morning. I give 5 stars on everything because I am very pleased.

  • Jim Williams

    Farmers Insurance
    St. Charles

    I wanted to thank you and your company for the incredibly fast response to my water leak Monday morning. There is nothing like discovering a water leak on a Monday morning to ruin your day! The way that Joe took the time to educate me on the loss and his professional manor really put me at ease. The crew that went to work were the best! They were polite, considerate of my home, and of course incredibly skilled. A lot of companies claim to be the best, but I was able to see that Claria really is the best!!! Thank you!!

    Sarah Delaney

    Alternatives Insurance

    A client of ours called about possible water damage and was interested in possibly making a claim. We recommended that he get an inspection first to see if there was any damage and if so, how significant it was. We recommended first, that he contact "XYZ company". He contacted us back stating that they wanted $108 for the inspection. We then recommended that he contact Claria. Within an hour, your company had an inspector in his home inspecting the damage. The inspector promptly contacted me to give me an update on the situation and very quickly following was my client, raving about how quickly Claria was in his home and how professional and polite the inspector was. I want to thank you for offering such a great product. I will be sure to make Claria my first company to refer all of my clients to. I will also be sure to pass this information along to both my Wentzville and Troy offices.