Got Mold? 5 Sure Signs That You Should Call a Professional

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Mold is naturally present in the world; however, it has no place within a healthy home or facility. Typically, mold emerges when a water leak or flooding issue hasn’t been resolved quickly. Mold doesn’t need to have a lot of water to grow and spread; in fact, countless homes often have mold growing in the bathroom and in other wet locations.

Fortunately, not every single instance of mold requires you to call in the professionals. Mold spores will often grow in areas that become and remain wet such as bathrooms with poor ventilation and around the kitchen sink. If you maintain your home regularly and check the areas in which mold could potentially show up, you may never have any serious issues with mold.

If you discover the following signs, however, you may need to call a professional:

  • You see mold growing inside your home or facility. There are various types of molds, and some are much more harmful to your health than others. A professional can determine what type of mold it is and can eradicate the mold safely and efficiently before it becomes a problem.
  • You’ve had a water leak for a few days. Mold doesn’t need too much water to grow. It’s absolutely essential to have your water leak addressed and repaired as soon as possible so that your floors, carpets, walls, or ceilings can dry out quickly.
  • Your health has been suffering when you’re inside. If you notice that your allergies or asthma has worsened, mold could be present.
  • You notice condensation on the inside of your windows. That is more than enough moisture for mold to grow indoors.
  • You smell musty or moldy odor, especially if it’s stronger when the windows and doors are closed.

If you happen to experience any of the aforementioned situations, you should call the professionals at Claria Clean. We can perform a moisture test and mold inspection, and we can also eliminate any mold within your home or facility.

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