Winter’s Here – Get Your Building Inspected Now

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We’ve already seen very cold temperatures this winter, and we are far from the end of the season. During this time, it is imperative for you to prepare for the season’s imminent appearance by getting your building inspected. After all, snow, ice, and cold temperatures can create a myriad of issues for commercial buildings.

To ensure that your building is equipped and ready for those inevitable winter storms, we have compiled a handy inspection checklist for you:

Inspect the Roof – Roofs take quite a beating during the winter season. You’ll want to take care of the roof now before the snow and ice hit. If your building has a flat roof, you will want to schedule regular inspections and maintenance throughout the season. Ensure that there aren’t any areas in which snow and ice can pile up and weaken your roof’s integrity. If your building has a slanted roof, make sure that the roof vents and shingles are inspected and that all of the waterproofing seals on the edges of the roof are checked.

Check the Insulation – You probably know that a lot of heat is wasted with insufficient insulation. Go through your building and check for any drafts, leaks, and cracks, which can let heated air escape. Signs of frost around the exterior walls can also mean that you may have an insulation issue. Be sure to address these points to help limit wasted energy throughout the cold winter months.

Inspect the Mechnical and Plumbing Systems – Burst pipes or faulty mechanics can create big problems during the winter months. Take the time now to inspect both systems. Inspect the furnace, air ducts, registers, and radiators, and look for any signs of deterioration or damage. Check the water supply and waste pipes for rust and leaks, and get a qualified professional to test the gas lines for any leaks as well.

Inspect All Windows and Doors – While it’s true that energy is lost each time a door or window is open, even more energy is lost through air infiltration. Proper weatherstripping can reduce energy losses. Inspect your building’s windows and doors to ensure that the weatherstripping is installed properly.

Check the Heating and Ventilation – It’s time to pay a little extra attention to your hard-working HVAC. After all, when the mercury falls your building will need to keep your employees comfortable. Ensure that your HVAC is prepared to handle the demands of winter – hire a contractor that is familiar with commercial heating and ventilation systems to inspect your HVAC before the coldest months of winter arrive.

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