When Should I Call the Professionals When the Toilet Overflows?

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We’ve all experienced that uncomfortable moment when a toilet just wouldn’t flush properly and the water level rose. Maybe you accidentally panicked and flushed another time or two, only to watch helplessly as the water rose higher and overflowed. When you have a clogged, overflowing toilet on your hands, does that mean you should call for professional help?

It all depends on how much water has spilled out. If you do have a toilet that is overflowing or has rising levels, we recommend the following:

  • Don’t keep flushing. This won’t help dislodge the clog and will only worsen the situation.
  • Turn off the water, if possible. You should find a water shutoff valve on the wall near the floor behind the toilet. While it won’t make the water that has already spilled vanish, it can help stop further water from flowing out and can help minimize damage.

If the water were limited to just a single flush – roughly 1.6 gallons of water – you might be able to clean up the mess yourself with a mop. However, if you aren’t able to shut off the water or if the volume is very large, we advise that you contact a water damage cleanup company as soon as possible.

When a toilet overflows, we describe it as a Category 2 water event. It isn’t as clean as a Category 1 water event, which comes straight from a supply line, but it isn’t as dangerous as a Category 3 water event, such as sewage or rising floodwater. A Category 2 water event begins with some degree of contamination, and a toilet overflow may contain human waste matter, which could pose an immediate toxic risk or trigger future mold growth. A water damage cleanup company can clean up the water, disinfect and decontaminate the area, and save your structure from further damage.

If your toilet were to overflow at home or work, call Claria Clean. We provide fast, expert repair and cleanup services so you don’t have to worry about anything. Call us today at (636) 887-0260 to learn more about us.

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