Grease Fire? This is When to Call the Professionals

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If you’ve ever had a flare-up happen in the kitchen, you know how startling the experience can be. Grease fires, however, are more dangerous and even more difficult to put out than regular fires. They can spark within seconds and can cause a great amount of damage within a short period of time. That’s why it’s always a good idea to be prepared and know when to call the professionals should a grease fire ever erupt in your kitchen.

Here are some times to help you deal with a grease fire quickly and efficiently:

  • Never put out a grease fire with water. It will only become more dangerous.
  • Turn off the heating source right away.j
  • Cover the fire with a metal lid or a cookie sheet. Don’t use a glass lid – the heat could cause it to shatter.
  • If the grease fire is small, pour baking soda over it. It is essential that you only use baking soda; do not use baking powder.
  • If you have a class B chemical fire extinguisher, attempt to hose down the fire with it as a last resort.
  • Get out of the building and call 911 immediately if none of these steps work. Afterward, contact a restoration professional to help clean up the damage.

While you could handle the cleanup of a small grease fire yourself, it’s often best to leave the inspection and cleanup in the hands of a professional. Grease fires produce a mix of residues that need the right tools and experience to eradicate, and the fire may have caused more damage than you think. A professional can help your home or facility return to normal more quickly.

If a grease fire ever occurs in your kitchen, call Claria Clean. We have specialized fire damage restoration training and experience to make cleanup quick and effective. Call us today at (636) 887-0260 to learn more about our services.

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