Simple Steps to Take During a Tornado Warning

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Today’s tornado in Oklahoma is devastating. It seems we’ve had so many of these “monster” storms over the past few years and here at Claria, our hearts ache for those affected.

You often see lists for Emergency Kits and other ways you can prepare for these kinds of storms. If you’re like most people, however, you probably don’t have a full emergency kit set up at your home or business. Based on some experience I had assisting with tornado clean up in Maryland Heights a few years ago, at the very least, please consider grabbing these items when heading for shelter during a tornado warning.

  • Shoes for all members of your family: If you do have to leave your home following a tornado, you will be walking through a lot of dangerous debris.
  • Identification/wallet/purses: It’s easy to leave your identification, credit cards, etc. in your wallet or purse sitting on a countertop in the upper levels of your home. Should your home be hit by a tornado, you will desperately need these items.
  • Flashlights: If the storm comes through at night or if you are trapped, you’ll need a flashlight.
  • Cell phone(s): These, too, often get left with purses or are left sitting on a countertop somewhere.
  • Water Bottles

Please be safe as the storms roll through our area this evening.

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